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We are a business with a reputation for quality services and products, but without a doubt, it is the people who make it happen. We are in the process of creating multiple fully green eco-friendly coconut charcoal factories, one being on our property where we manufacture Kamado BBQs and Pizza Ovens. We are thrilled with the response from customers about how it will impact the industry. We plan to update our network factories in 5 countries in the near future, presently capable of supplying 20,000 tons of coconut charcoals both for BBQs cooking and home heating. We are aware of the centuries-old process in the manufacturing of charcoals in the world. Therefore, we are striving to improve the process as well as to create a superior product over wood, replacing the need to cut trees and burn chemicals, while saving consumers money with the same price or lower.


We use 100% pure coconut shells, with a very small amount of natural organic starch as a binder. No chemicals or foreign properties are added. Thus we achieve: Easy to light, hotter burn, little to no smoke, and reduced ash all without the large amounts of carbons/gasses or smoke. Pure carbon is clean, saves trees, and helps the environment while saving the consumer money with a superior product.

We are moving ahead rapidly to create green eco-friendly charcoal factories. We are so exited by the response from our customers about how it will impact the industry. We see the harsh environmental impact that the current industry of charcoal manufacturing has on our planet, and we aim to change it. We create a natural formula, using pure coconut shell with high-quality standards to ensure a superior product. We believe in being 100% eco-friendly and do not use any chemical substances or additives in the process of creating each of our products.

Captains Charco Production process

We are very excited to announce that we have begun the production and packaging of Captains Charco in our own factories, in addition to our multiple country network. Production now includes our Charco Rocket Briquettes / Charco Kamado Rocket Sticks, home heating CocoPellets, Charco home logs, and one of our favorites the Charco camp fire logs.  The factory produces our products for factory direct sales, but is also home to our testing lab for new products as we continue to develop new additions to our line of natural charcoals. Our dropshipping capabilities allow us to supply both small and large orders directly to customers with ease. We are on track for our team to begin shipping product to our clients by mid 2021.  We are accepting dealer inquiries at this time and would greatly welcome your request to learn more about our quality charcoals.

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Art That Cooks

Kamado Captain is proud to introduce custom carved and painted hand made Mushi Kamados in multiple styles, colors, and sizes. We have found truly gifted artists capable of creating masterpiece designs that are beautiful in every sense of the word.  

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