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Kamado Rocket Sticks


Featuring our newest product, the perfect companion charcoal for your Kamado Grills- our Kamado Coconut BBQ Charcoal 5″ Rocket Sticks!

Extended burn times! Our Kamado Rocket Sticks are so dense that you can put more volume in weight into your grills and smokers, extending your burn time significantly. This of course means you can get some sleep on those long overnight cooks. Also great for low heat burning.

Each stick is pressed tight automatically by machines to insure the charcoal is pressure squeezed accordingly and uniformly, per our tested formula.

Pure ash due to its purity! Our Kamado Rocket Sticks leave lower ash that stays uniform. This prevents the clogging and reduced airflow that wood charcoal and briquettes can cause.

Natural coconut shells are the end result of using the entire nut for a purpose. No waste and environmentally sound and green.

Trees are not cut down to product this charcoal. Additionally, we do not add harmful chemicals or additives- ever! Only coconut shell charcoal and a small percent natural starch as a binder. No fillers, for a better grilling experience.

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