Captains Charco

Charco Logs

Captains Charco Logs are dynamically designed and patented for peak performance in your fireplace. Our formulas are proven to produce the highest heat, with beautiful flames for those cozy nights.

Safe for cooking and heating, Charco Logs are here for all of your fire needs.



Long burning, safe for cooking, and use indoor/outdoors for heating purposes.

  • Easy lighting and natural coconut shell charcoal
  • Double the heat compared to wood: save trees, your health, and money
  • Clean air, low spark, hotter, and longer lasting
  • Reduced ash amounts allowing for an easier clean up
  • Patented formula that was carefully designed by our experts
  • Re-usable as a natural plant fertilizer in your garden after use

3 sizes – 5 aroma all organic

Each log weighs 2.2lbs and offers 3-5 hours of flames.

By stacking 2 or 3 logs you can create high flames that burn for 2-3 hours.

Environmentally safe and 100% eco-friendly! We never add harmful chemicals or additives to our charcoals.

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