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Captains Charco Pellets are created with our premium formula. Formulated to be all natural and 100% chemical free, our pellets are clean-burning and more efficient compared to wood based pellets allowing for less product use.

Easy lighting with a long, consistent burn and leave behind no chimney residue. Designed to be quick lighting with hotter heat, perfect for pellet stoves.

Captains Charco Pellets are the perfect charcoal for your heating needs. Pellet stoves are amazing for saving money and producing consistent heat. Our pellets are standard sizes, and produce more heat.

  • Clean burning, easy lighting, with longer burning times
  • Clean air – no toxic chemicals or additives in our formulas
  • Twice the heat in comparison to wood
  • Save trees and stop worrying about the fire risk from shooting embers
  • Smokeless, with reduced ash amounts, and limited to no sparks
  • Re-usable as a plant fertilizer in your garden after use.

No trees are cut – ever! Hotter, cleaner heat while saving trees. Additionally, we are proud to be eco-friendly & 100% natural!

Weight 10 kg
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