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Charco Campfire Logs

Enjoy your camping adventures with our Captains Charco Campfire Logs! Don’t worry about “popping” embers for safety to yourself and outside trees catching on fire. Using either 1/2 to a full bag, our charcoal logs light easily and allow you to build your fire to your ideal size

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The Captain and Crew have spent countless months on home heating and now Campfire Logs. Due to the many problems associated with burning wood fires in campsites, our Campfire Logs were developed to: eliminate sparks, stop tree cutting for charcoal products, lessen smoke, and burn with low emissions all with organic low ash amounts that are good for the environment.
The ash from our charcoals is healthy for soils and benefits the environment compared to traditional charcoal products. Burning times are much longer, with hotter heat levels and beautiful flames- meaning cooking over our logs is a superior experience.

  • No chemicals or harmful additives making our charcoal safe for cooking
  • Easy lighting coconut shell charcoal
  • Twice the heat in comparison to wood
  • Save trees and stop worrying about the fire risk from shooting embers
  • Smokeless, clean air, with limited to no sparks
  • Burn time of  3-5 hours
  • Super heating and safe for cooking, campfires, and use in campground parks
  • Re-usable, eco-friendly, and all natural
  • “Eco-Friendly and Safe vs. Wood​”
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