Captains Charco

Charco Briquettes

Charco Briquettes – Use in any style BBQ Grill or Kamado oven.

100% Eco-Friendly Rocket Briquettes Burn Longer, Hotter, and Cleaner.

Dimensions:  1-3/4”X2”x2”
All natural, dynamic briquettes with rocket holes


Premium coconut shell charcoal briquettes made chemical free and designed to be quick lighting, offering twice the heat compared to wood.

Charco Briquettes spread out easily in large BBQs for high heat grilling.

  • Clean burning, with extended burn times.
  • Clean air – no toxic chemicals or additives are ever included in our formulas.
  • Smokeless, with reduced ash amounts
  • Re-usable as a fertilizer in your garden after use.
  • No trees are cut – ever! Hotter, cleaner heat while saving trees. Additionally, we are proud to be eco-friendly & 100% natural!
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