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Best BBQ Ribs Recipes

Whichever recipe has whet your appetite, use my guide to prepare the best BBQ ribs you’ve ever tasted. We’ll start with the different cuts of pork ribs and then work through a three step process for preparation. Choice Of Cut The rib of the pig is split into three jointed bones. The closest to the […]

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How to use a Kamado grill?

What is a Kamado? Kamado is just another name for grill, or range. In fact, it’s the Japanese word for stove. It’s got a long history (and a Wikipedia page!)   Kamado grills, regardless of brand, work on a few basic principles: it’s a wood burning vessel, no gasses here it’s got crazy thick walls, perfect insulation

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Texas Style Brisket

Let’s take a quick look at how we do brisket in Texas. For the sake of this article I am assuming you are cooking in your backyard smoker. I see articles all the time about making “Competition Style Brisket” and I disagree. First off, the folks winning these competitions are NOT going to teach you

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