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What did first lady Melania do to Jackie Kennedy’s Rose Garden?

She cut down trees! That was the buzz around social media after pics surfaced about the rose garden renovation done before the RNC earlier in September.

Many people were outraged by what she did to the rose garden. The Rose Garden is a White House relic, originally commissioned for landscaping renewal in the early 1960s, during John F. Kennedy’s presidency. Jackie Kennedy oversaw the garden’s construction during her time as first lady and is often associated with its design and legacy.

Melania Trump’s renovation, which she said aimed to restore some of the Kennedys’ original vision, removed much of the foliage and color that became characteristic of the space.

You can read the full article here:

Whatever you think about the result is a matter of opinion. We here at Captains Charco are proud of the fact that we never cut down any tree to make our charcoal. We use 100% coconut shells and are glad to do our part to make a small difference in the world today.

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