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How People Saved Trees in the 14th Century

Giving Credit to How People Saved Trees in the 14th Century

Nowadays it’s no secret that mass deforestation is causing catastrophic environmental problems on our precious planet. The consequences of what’s happening in many countries is well documented and we could cite many verified cases.

In our article today however, we want to applaud the ancient Japanese method they used that was simply amazing to see and read about. Many people have heard about the bonsai tree. Its Japanese art form that dates back over a thousand years. It produces small trees that mimic the appearance of full-size trees. 

The other lesser known tree is called “daisugi” and it’s an ancient Japanese forestry technique that allowed then to never cut down the root stock of this amazing tree.

Originally invented by the people of the region of Kitayama, the method was used to solve the problem of shortage of seedlings. There is little flat land in the region, and planting and raising trees on the steep slopes proved extremely difficult. As a result, daisugi tailoring allowed arborists to reduce the number of plantations, make the harvest cycle faster, and produce denser wood as well.

The pictures of this amazing tree speak for themselves. It’s too bad that this technique is not that popular these days.

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Captains Charco is produced without cutting any trees down. That’s because we use 100% coconut shells to make our Charcoal. We are proud to do our part to help save this planet and promote methods that don’t involve any deforestation of any kind to make our charcoal.

Image credits: wrathofgnon

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